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Boxfit Instructor (NEW)


Boxfit and padwork training has been around for a number of years and is an excellent form of exercise for combatting stress, as well as being a great calorie burner.  It is an ideal training option for instructors and personal trainers as well as group exercise instructors. This course will teach you the skills and knowledge to enable you to bring this great form of fitness into your sessions.  During the course you will have access to some e-learning for some pre-course knoledge, followed by 2 days face to face learning where you will cover the following:

- Hand wrapping

- Correct boxing stance and body positioning 

- How to perform correct punches to include jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, body shots

- How to work with pads

- Combinations and Layering

- How to work with groups during padwork sessions

Once enrolled you will be issued with your e-learning login information where you can work through the course at your own pace, you will be assessed with some written questions at the end at the e-learning and then you will be issued with a completion certificate.




BF0220: 28th, 29th February 2020
BF0620: 15th, 16th June 2020
BF0920: 14th, 15th September 2020

BF0420: 4th, 5th April 2020

Price: 166.67 plus VAT (200)
Comment: Full amount payable on booking