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Level 2 Theory Only

All of our level 2 course prices include these exercise and fitness theory units, however some candidates may prefer the option of completing the theory papers before they attend the practical element of the course.  If this is your preference then this is for you.


Candidates will learn:


- Anatomy and physiology for exercise and health 

  • The structure and function of the circulatory system
  • The structure and function of the respiratory system
  • The structure and function of the skeleton
  • Joints in the skeleton
  • The muscular system
  • The life course of the muscular system and its implications for special populations exercise
  • The energy systems and their relation to exercise

- Principles of exercise, fitness and health 

  • The effects of exercise on the body
  • The components of fitness
  • How to apply the principles and variables of fitness to an exercise programme
  • The exercise contraindications and key safety guidelines for special populations
  • How to safely monitor exercise intensity
  • The health benefits of physical activity
  • The importance of healthy eating

- Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment 


- Know how to Support Clients who take part in Exercise and Physical Activity 


These units are taught through home study which includes the completion of written questions and 2 multiple choice theory papers. Exam dates for the theory papers can be arranged through your allocated assessor.


On completion candidates will be able to move on to the complete the practical elements of the following courses and would receive a discount of £200 off the course fee:





Venue: Flexible - blended learning

Price: £166.67 plus VAT (£200)